One-for-two smart mask machining

custom contract




According to the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China," the buyer  the seller have signed an agreement on this purchase  sale through equal negotiation through the purchase by the buyer to the seller  the seller selling the equipment under this contract:


Equipment name, quantity, specification, model: Attachment "price list"


Name: One for two mask machine project + packaging machine


2.付款方式Payment method:



in advance,  in one working day after the contract is confirmed, capitalized in;

After the equipment is completed, Seller will ship the goods after paying the balance of  within 1 working day.


Go to factory training before delivery;


3.技术指标和供货范围:相关技术指标和供货范围见《工程报价明细》及技术协议,作为合同附件,是合同不可分割部分。Technical indicators  scope of supply: For relevant technical indicators  scope of supply, please refer to the "Details of Project Quotation"  technical agreements. As an annex to the contract, it is an integral part of the contract

4.设备交付equipment delivery:


Delivery place: Seller




5.交付期限:收到合同款项全款后30天送到凭祥;设备交付是指甲方对乙方交付使用设备的规格、型号、数量、外观、包装的验收。交付应由甲乙双方或甲方与承运人履行交付手续。甲方对交付后的设备承担毁损灭失的义务和风险。设备交付中发现规格、型号不对、数量短缺、外观污毁、包装损坏的,交付双方应会签记载,由乙方补救或协商处理。如甲方对收货设备存在异议,须在收到货物后次日起的1个工作日内向乙方提出书面函件,逾期视为按约完好收到货物。Delivery period: 30 days after receiving the full payment of the contract  sent to Pingxiang; Equipment delivery refers to the buyer's acceptance of the specifications, models, quantities, appearance  packaging of the equipment delivered  used by the seller. Delivery shall be performed by the buyer  seller  by the buyer  the carrier. The buyer assumes the obligation  risk of damage to the equipment after delivery. If the specifications  models are found to be incorrect during the delivery of the equipment, the quantity is short, the appearance is fouled,  the packaging is damaged, the two parties of the delivery shall sign the records  the seller shall remediate  negotiate to deal with them. If the buyer has any objection to the receiving equipment, he must submit a written letter to the seller within one working day  the day after the receipt of the goods.


6.包装方法、运输和运费packing method, transportation  freight:


The equipment under this contract shall be packed by the seller according to the following methods: wooden box  simple packing, packing costs shall be borne by the seller;


The seller's packaging of the equipment shall be sufficient to withstand the mode of transport agreed upon in this contract  protect the equipment  damage;


Transportation method  cost: For transportation by motor vehicle, the buyer shall pay the transportation cost;


The equipment shall be borne by the buyer after the equipment arrives at the buyer's factory。



Equipment installation  commissioning, training  acceptance:


Staff training scope, methods, training fees  payment methods:


Training scope: operating methods, maintenance,  troubleshooting methods;


Training method: live explanation  demonstration;

7.1.3培训内容:对买方操作工、维修工进行操作、保养、常见故障判断及排除等方面知识的培训Training content: training of buyers' operators  maintenance workers in operation, maintenance, judgment  troubleshooting of common faults;

主电源电压(变动范围应低于AC220V的+7%)Main power supply voltage (change range should be less than + 7% of AC220V)。

气源压力及流量不稳定,压力低于0.5Mpa,气源水分大,未能达到设备基本要求The gas source pressure  flow are unstable, the pressure is lower than 0.5Mpa, the gas source moisture is large,  fails to meet the basic requirements of the equipment。


8.质量保证及售后服务Quality assurance  after-sales service:


The seller guarantees that the goods are made with the latest materials  processes, are new, have  been used,  fully comply with the quality, specifications  performance specified in the annex to this contract. The quality guarantee period is 1 year, except for man-made。


If the equipment fails during use, the seller's engineer provides technical support to the buyer through video, telephone,  email。


9.违约责任Liability for breach of contract:

9.1在买方守约条件下,卖方延迟交货,卖方应支付给买方迟交货物总价每一星期0.1%的违约金,不足一星期的迟交日数作为一星期清算,但高不超过迟延交货总价的百分之五(5%);如果买方延迟付款, 买方应支付给卖方每一星期按合同货物款项中未付款额的0.1%的违约金,不足一星期的迟付日数作为一星期清算,但高不超过迟延交货总价的百分之五(5%)

Under the conditions of the buyer's compliance, if the seller delays delivery, the seller shall pay to the buyer a late penalty of 0.1% of the total price of the goods each week,  the number of late days less than one week shall be considered as one-week settlement, but the maximum shall  exceed the delay Five percent (5%) of the total price of the goods; if the buyer delays the payment, the buyer shall pay the seller a penalty fee of 0.1% of the unpaid amount of the contracted goods every week. Weekly liquidation, but no more than five percent (5%) of the total price of the delayed delivery;


After the equipment is commissioned, the efficiency is at least 90 pieces per minute. If the efficiency is  reached, the buyer has the right to choose a return  the seller refunds the full payment。


10.不可抗力Force Majeure:


Incidents of force majeure as stipulated in this contract that are unforeseen by either party at the time of signing this contract  cannot be avoided  affected by the affected party,  have an impact on the performance of this contract;


If a force majeure event occurs, the contractual obligations of both parties A  B affected by the event will be suspended during the delay period caused by force majeure;


When either party A  B suffers force majeure, it shall promptly notify the other party, explaining that it needs to provide reasons for the occurrence of force majeure,  shall provide appropriate proof of the occurrence  duration of the force majeure event within 15 days thereafter;


In the event of force majeure, the two parties shall reach an agreement on the performance of this contract  the termination of this contract.


11.争议解决Dispute Resolution:


The parties shall abide by the terms stipulated in this contract. If a dispute arises in the course of performance, it shall be settled in accordance with the principle of friendly negotiation. If a dispute arises in the understanding of the relevant terms of the contract, the true meaning of the terms shall be determined according to the purpose of the contract, transaction habits  principles of good faith;


All disputes concerning the execution of the contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation between the two parties. If the two parties cannot resolve the dispute, the ruling shall be made in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China,  the people's court  the contracting party is located shall exercise jurisdiction.


12.合同变更与转让Contract changes  assignments:


Once this contract takes effect, neither party may change it at will, except for the written agreement reached between the two parties.


The Buyer shall  transfer this contract without the consent of The Seller.


13.合同生效和期间Contract effective  period


This contract must be sealed  signed by both parties,  it will take effect  the date of the last party's seal  signature; (fax  WeChat are valid)


This contract terminates on the date when the matters agreed in this contract are processed.


14.通知条款Notice clause:


The "written notice" in this contract  the changes between the parties A  B  any other related matters can be delivered by the recipient by direct delivery, registered mail, express mail, fax, E-mail, WeChat to the other side.

附件1 attachment1:


Technology Agreement

一、 设备简介 equipment introduction

1.1 设备概述Equipment Overview:


This machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of flat masks: the whole roll of fabric is driven by rollers after unwinding,  the fabric is automatically folded  hemmed; the entire length of the nose bridge is pulled  unrolled, cut to length  introduced into the hemmed fabric. Ultrasonic welding to the sealing, then ultrasonic side sealing, cutting with a cutter; conveying the mask to the two mask earband welding stations through the assembly line,  finally forming the mask through ultrasonic welding; when the mask is made, it passes the assembly line Conveyed to flat belt line for collection.


Equipment diagram (This picture is for reference only, the equipment is subject to the actual product)


1.3 生产规格:Production Specifications


Standard type: disposable medical mask 175 * 95m

二、设备主要组成结构The main structure of the equipment

2.1设备的主要组成结构The main component structure of the device

2.2设备详细介绍:Equipment detailed introduction

2.2.1 设备总览图介绍Introduction of equipment overview diagram

2.2.2 设备外观尺寸图Equipment appearance size chart

2.2.3 设备各工位详细介绍Detailed introduction of each station of the equipment:

(1)原材料放料单元Raw material discharge unit

(2)分流输送线单元Diversion conveyor line unit

(3)耳带点焊单元Earband spot welding unit

2.2.4设备生产工艺流程说明 Equipment production process description

Raw materials—molding—nasal bridge fill—over—edge compression—mask body welding—slicing—conveying shunt—ear band welding—collection—packaging—sterilization—EO—finished products


In order to realize the above manufacturing process, our company is equipped with fully automatic production equipment. The full-automatic equipment is one-piece molding. One mask slicer  two ear-spot spot welders can be automated  raw material feeding to packaging completion.

全自动口罩生产线一拖一一体机  效率:45-55pcs/min

Full automatic mask production line with one machine  one machines Efficiency: 45-55pcs / min

全自动口罩生产线一拖二一体机  效率:90-110pcs/min

Full automatic mask production line with one machine  two machines Efficiency: 90-110pcs / min

三、设备技术参数Equipment technical parameters

3.1  设备的生产能力:Equipment production capacity

(1)生产效率: 80-110ppm;



(1)Production efficiency: 80-110ppm;

(2)Qualification rate of equipment production: 98% -99% (except when the incoming materials do  meet the requirements  the employees' improper operation is excluded)

(3)Equipment failure rate: 3% (refers to the failure of the equipment itself)

3.2设备安装与环境需求Equipment installation  environmental requirements

(1) 设备尺寸:6500mm(L)×4500mm(W)×1900mm(H);

(2) 外观颜色:国际标准暖灰1C(赢合标准色),无特殊说明时按照此标准;

(3) 设备重量:≤5000kg,地面承重≤500KG/m2;

(4) 工作电源:设备220VAC±5﹪,50HZ,额定功率约9KW;

(5) 压缩空气:0.5~0.7 MPa,使用流量约300L/min;

(6) 使用环境:温度10~35℃、湿度5-35%HR,无可燃性、腐蚀性气体,无粉尘(洁净度不低于10万级)。

(1) Equipment size: 6500mm (L) × 4500mm (W) × 1900mm (H);

(2) Appearance color: international standard warm gray 1C (win-win standard color), according to this standard without special instructions;

(3) Equipment weight: ≤5000kg, ground load ≤500KG / m2;

(4) Working power: equipment 220VAC ± 5 ﹪, 50HZ, rated power about 9KW;

(5) Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa, using flow rate of about 300L / min;

(6)Operating environment: temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no flammable  corrosive gas, no dust (cleanness no less than 100,000).

四、设备常用配置要求Common equipment configuration requirements

4.1主要元器件配置清单Configuration list of main components

附件2 attachment2:

(一) 主要性能和结构特点Characteristics:

1.三伺服电机,袋 即设即切,无需调节空走,一步到位,省时省膜。




5.温度独立PID 控制,更好适合各种包装材质。




1. With three servo motors, the bag can be set  cut immediately. It is necessary to adjust the air bag  move in place, saving time  film.

2. In the machine world, parameter setting is quick  easy.

3. Fault diagnosis function, clear fault display.

4. Sensitivity photoelectric eye target tracking, digitizing the sealing  cutting position of input  output, making the sealing  cutting position more accurate.

5.Temperature independent PID control, better suitable for various packaging materials.

6. Positioning stop function, no sticking, no waste of film.

7. The transmission system is simple, the operation is more reliable,  the maintenance is more convenient.

8. All controls are realized by software, which facilitates function adjustment  technology upgrade,  keeps advanced.

(二) 适用范围Application:



Suitable for masks, cakes, cakes, snow cakes, custard pie, chocolate cakes, candy, bags, snacks, cakes, medicines, consumer goods, industrial parts, cartons

pallets  other types of regular objects.

(三) 基本技术参数Main technical parameters:

(四)设备配置Main collocate:

①PLC和触摸屏 PLC  touch screen:       Taiwan 台湾

②光电开关 Photoelectricity switch:         Yatai亚泰

③变频器 Transducer:                     Yatai 亚泰

④按钮 Push button:                      Delixi德力西

⑥温控表 Temperature controller:            Delixi德力西

⑦接近开关Approach switch:               Delixi德力西

⑧伺服电机Servomotor:                   Taiwan台湾

⑨电机Motor:                           Zhongweite中微特




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